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The age of a person is believed to be the time which he or she has spent on this particular planet starting from their birth out of their mother’s womb and ending till the present second which they are spending on this planet.
The Age calculator is an online algorithm that helps in predicting the exact age of the person, along with the time he or she has spent on this planet. But, the exact age can only be predicted if you know the birth date, month, and year.
In this article, we will be covering the concept of this calculator, the working of this platform, and will also throw some light on the various calculation methods for an age followed in different traditions.

Age Calculator

The age calculator is an online application or platform which is used by millions of people all around the world daily for knowing their exact age and calculating the time which they have spent during their life till the present second on this planet.

Working of Calculator

The age calculator has two rows which make the user input numerical values of date and the month along with the year when they were born.

  1. First Row
    In the First row, the date of birth is entered by clicking on the dropdown button and choosing the exact month. The second block consists of a dropdown arrow from where the exact date on which the person was born can be chosen. The third block consists of a space where numerical value can be easily entered by the individual. Here, the exact year has to be entered.
  2. Second Row
    In the second row, the age which the person wants to know at the end of any particular month or year has to be entered. So again, the first box has a drop-down arrow from where the month can be selected followed by the block where the data has to be entered, and then finally the year till when you want to calculate your age has to be entered.

In this way, the age calculator can calculate the exact age of a person from the time when he or she was born till the time when they want to know their age.

Age Calculation in Normal Way

In some of the traditions and cultures, the age is expressed in the form of the days which are spent on Earth for the counting years with or without including the current year which is going on.
This statement can be understood with the help of an easy example which is mentioned below:
A person who is 21 years old is considered to be the same as the person who is in the 22nd year of his or her lifetime. This age calculator is very advanced with this age calculator, you can calculate any date of birth.

Age Calculation in Chinese Tradition

In some of the traditional systems which are followed in China, the people are born at the age of 1, and then finally the age grows up at the traditional Chinese new year instead of the actual birthday. This Chinese tradition can be understood with the help of the example which is mentioned below:
Suppose, if a baby was born just a single day before the actual traditional Chinese new year then two days later, the baby will be at the age of 2 even if he or she is only 2 days old in this present world.

Confusion in Some Cases

In some of the situations, the days and the months produced as a result of this particular age calculator may seem to be confusing especially in the scenario when the starting date is the end of any month. We can understand this particular statement with the help of an example which
is given below:

All the people count February 20 to March 20 as one single month. But there are two different ways of calculating the age from 28th February 2015 to March 31, 2015. If we are thinking that 28th February till the 28th of March is one particular month, then the result is one month and three additional days. If we are thinking that both the 28th of February and the 31st of March are the end of the month, then the final result will be one complete month. Both calculations are the result of a reasonable discussion.
The confusion comes from the uneven number of days that are present in different months. So, depending upon the type of calculation which suits you, we can proceed with calculating the age of yourself or the age of your friends and family members.

Final Verdict

The age calculator is an online platform that helps in predicting the exact age of an individual
by using the date, months, and the exact year of birth entered by the individual in the
correct boxes provided by the website.